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Hie! My name is Elizabeth and I'm an 18 year old aries who is currently residing in Philadelphia. I'm completely in love with Marilyn Manson, glitter, drag queens, and the occult. Makeup is my heart and soul , but I want to become a psychologist. I should have been born in the 70's. I'm the sweetest princess ever, so talk to me!

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Marilyn Manson, the 80's, big hair, spray tans, summer, caramel iced coffee, rupaul's drag race, boys with long hair, rock shows, amanda lepore, sharon needles, cigarettes, fake boobs, the paranormal, bright makeup, lions.
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25cromwellst: Why would I follow you if you're constantly slating people in the true crime tag lmao

I said ‘me!!!!’ as a joke

dick on your head if you didn’t catch that, moron

Anonymous: I think that the comment on that bloggers post about how her boyfriend just pities was pretty mean. Hmm also all the incredibly rude things that you've commented on other posts saying that people should be locked up etc. yeah I think that qualifies as mean. I don't mean to say that it's not within your right bc you're allowed to say whatever the hell you want but I'm asking for you to take other human beings into consideration because believe it or not what you say can have impacts


Anonymous: Sorry correction. From what I've seen you've never said anyone should be locked up but you did say that they should be on a watch list and "your parents should be so proud" (which was sarcastic and ahem rude)

well i mean it’s freedom of speech and i’m pretty sure the columbine community already knows that i’m fucking around, i don’t set out to hurt  anyone unless they set out to hurt me (i.e columbinebullies)

it’s more ‘trolling’ if ya know what i mean

and you said i have the right to say what I want so idk why you’re getting fussy over doing exactly that, I don’t consider what I’m saying to be mean at all. 

The people’s posts that I comment on, where I say something DIRECTLY to them, have left me disgusting, hateful and just plain inhumane anonymous messages, (I track everyone who is on my blog w an ip tracer, I use the IP to figure things out such as the url of the person leaving me messages) so it’s all just karma in that aspect, I don’t randomly pick out a person and say ‘hmmm let’s fuck with them’

trust me, besides the general posts I make directed at the columbine community, I don’t attack anyone on a personal level unless someone comes for me. 

So, if you don’t like what I say when it’s personal, don’t leave me anonymous hate. Like don’t fuck with me. Xo

Anonymous: Look you can have your opinions and that's fine, but don't be mean to people? Like everyone has their own interests and their own opinions and shitting on them is rude and mean. People are allowed to post whatever they want, you're allowed to post what you want, but commenting on personal posts saying mean rude things is really shitty regardless of how much you dislike that person or their ideals.

i’m not doing it because i dislike anyone and i’m not really being mean ?






happy Sunday guys, hope you all had a great weekend. You give me a natural election of love.

a natural election 

what is a natural election 

why do you go into the columbine tag knowing it’s gonna piss you off

it doesn’t piss me off, at all.

i think you people are entertaining LMAO

Well, I’m glad to have made your day a little better. I’m sure you need it. :/

Well since ur talking about my day, it was great but now I’m bored and on tumblr so HELLEW

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tbh im really proud to say i have a friend whos the eric harris to my dylan klebold

LMAO your parents must be so proud

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I’m seriously envious of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. They had a best friend. They were such good friends, that they could tell each other: “Yo, I wanna bomb our school, wanna join in?”. I’m not bullied like them, but I would litterally kill to have such a close friend.

you should be on some sort of watch list 

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sometimes i just get this urge to go sit by your gravestone and talk to you at three in the morning,

but then i remember that you don’t have a memorial because people would vandalize it and that makes me so sad

if you learned how to do makeup, changed up your hair and didn’t post shit like this you’d probably have a boyfriend and wouldn’t be in love w pussies who died 15 years ago  

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Will you colum-be-mine?

have fun being a virgin forever 

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